CDQ Equipment


In 2000, QINYE started to cooperate with professional institutions to research and develop the coking equipment.In 2002, QINYE successfully manufactured the first rotary discharge valve for CDQ in China for Baosteel, whose performance has surpassed the same product made by foreign companies and has obtained the national utility model patent.Since then, QINYE has continuously developed the round coke bucket and coke car, square coke bucket and cokecar, electric automobile, charging device, steam supply device (nitrogen blowing device) and vibrating feeder.

In 2002, QINYE designed and manufactured whole set of CDQ equipment for Ma Steel, thus has achieved nationalization of whole set of CDQ.


In 2006, QINYE has developed the first horizontal traveling rotary coke bucket car and the same has been successfully used in the Linhuan CDQ project,  which has been in good operation and obtained praise from customers.


In 2010, QINYE share holding company -- Beijing Huatai Coking Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was established,which has capability of contracting EPC project for coking, including engineering, manufacturing, project management and technical service.




Sidesway Trailed Model Revolve
Coking Transfer Car


Vibrating Feeder


Charging Device


Rotary Discharge Valve


Electric Locomotive


Square Coke Bucket Car



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